Financial Wellness: Advice on Money Management

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Roxana Mercado, Loan Officer

Manage Your Finances.  graphic

Manage Your Finances.

The following money management habits can help you become a savvier planner and consumer.

Imagine this, you’ve had a long work week. Monday started off hectic and by Friday you are exhausted but feel you had a productive week.  The weekend has arrived and that means time for yourself and family. The best part though, it is Friday and that means payday! Sweet, time to check your bank account. In this very moment, you realize your check was indeed deposited, but all the funds you had saved last week are now gone. Yikes! Can you recall the expenses you made? Were they even necessary?

This blog article is focused on money management, which is a crucial part of having healthy finances. Unfortunately, money management is not part of our regular school classes and it may not be something we learn at home. However, don’t be intimidated, there are simple and free steps you can take to have more control of your money and Capital Good Fund can show you how.

3 Small Steps to Build Your Credit Score

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Aisha Bussey, Director of Marketing


Are you concerned that your credit score can’t be repaired? Or overwhelmed with where to even start on that journey? If you answered yes to either of those two questions, then this blog post is for you. The good news is that everyone can build their credit score. Take these three steps now to get started down the right path of building your credit score!